How To Do Easy Keyword Research

Easy Keyword Research: The keyword is basically the words or sentence people use to search for something when they are using search engines.

Keyword research is very important when you are going to ensure that you are able to gain traffic and visitors to your website.

The purpose in doing so is to improve the rank of your website as well as making sure that your products can be sold as many as possible.

However, many people fail and find it hard to choose which keyword to use or target.

How Exactly To Do Easy Keyword Research?

How Exactly To Do Easy Keyword Research

Let’s take for example, your website is all about sports shoes. You might find that there are plenty of keywords that can be used such as “Best sports shoes”, “Cheap sports shoes”, “Cheap sports shoes in Manchester”, and many more.

But do you know that each of it will give you different results even though all of them referring to the same thing which is sports shoes?

There are many ways for you to express the same thing so people have come up with the idea of keyword research in order for you to find the best keyword to target.

For you to start doing keyword research, there are 5 steps that you must follow.

The objective of this article is to give you the easiest way of doing keyword research. The 5 steps are as follows:

1. Brainstorm list of keywords

2. Use a keyword research tool

3. Use suggested related keywords for your list

4. Checking the search volume

5. Analyze the competition

1 . Brainstorm List of Keywords

Brainstorm List of Keywords

Think of as many keywords that you think are relevant to your business and write it down on a list.

It is okay for you to have a long list.

It shows that you have the idea of what you are doing right now and it also shows that this business of yours have many ways to lead the traffic to it.

Think of something that your visitors would use to search for the content, products or services. This is how it is to do easy keyword research.

2 . Use a Keyword Research Tool

Use a Keyword Research Tool

What you need to do now is that you are going to analyze the list in order for you to find which keyword is the best one to use by checking it demand, attainability, and relevance.

There are keyword research tools out there.

They do offer free services but as you already know, most free services have limited functions and usage.

They are not going to show you the most crucial data for your easy keyword research.

3 . Use Suggested Related Keywords for Your List

Use Suggested Related Keywords for Your List

Where you can find this suggested keywords?

Now, try to type in something on the Google’s search box.

After it has displayed the results for your search, scroll all the way to the bottom.

You will see a list of related keywords down there.

You can use this suggestions as Google basically give the most searched related keywords.

4 . Checking The Search Volume

Checking The Search Volume

 To check for the search volume, you can check the average monthly searches for a keyword.

This information tells you how many times the term was searched in a month.

It depends on which tools you are using, if you are using Google Keyword Planner, it will only tell you how many times the keyword was searched in Google.

If you are using SEO ToolSet, it will tell you the search results in a month for the keyword in Google, Yahoo! And Bing.

5 . Analyze The Competition

Analyze The Competition

If a keyword shows its search volume reaches 100 000 searches per month, you will basically say that this is the most demanding keyword and you will get many visitors if you use this keyword.

Actually, it does not work like that.

Higher search result means that the competition is higher.

Therefore you should go for a lower search result around 1000-2000 searches per month and be more specific or use a longtail keyword.

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