Three powerful factors that will affect how much you earn as a sales professional. 1.Ticket Size
  • To become a highly paid sales professional you need to consider what you are selling. Selling premium products or service.
  • Getting paid base on commission for example 10% commission on $1000 will bring you $100 earning per sale. So what about $10000?
  • Selling high ticket will bring you a lot easier income, the higher the price the fewer closing you need to do and yet you can do more if you want.
2. Lead Flow
  • The consistency & quality of the leads is extremely critical to how much money you earn.
  • There is two kind of salesperson, first they are **PROSPECTOR **who are do outbound, they do cold calling and they doing prospecting, they are the appointment setters. They will not make a lot of money because that’s not where the money is.
  • The second one is **THE CLOSER** they are the ones who go in and they close the deal. They are who the one who make it happen, they are the rainmakers. They know because they make money when close a sell.
  • They are trained for the race and they are the last mover that the company needs to act as a closer in which come into help them finish and cross the finish line.
3.Closing Ratio
  • As a sales professional, as a closer, your most valuable asset is your time, and your time is limited.
  • If you selling the high ticket and selling something that’s at a premium price, you don’t need a lot of transaction.
  • The closing ratio is one of the important parts. Instead of doing outbound, you should be doing inbound. Find the brandable company, influencer who have high-quality leads, and have high price products or service so you can help them close their customers.

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