Ask the questions: Why do you want to scale?

  • Bigger is not always better, a better is better.
  • The point of the scale, of course, is to make a scale, but not every business is meant to scale.
  • It all depends on the goal, sometimes some people goal is just to have a lifestyle goal on business.
  • If you just want to make enough money, then it just doesn’t good enough reason to scale.
  • Scaling for a sake of scaling the business is just a wrong focus, that’s a mistake.
  • There is needs to be margin & there’s a scale.
  • Most of the marketers they want to go on the cheap to acquire that customer.
  • Consider calculating the lifetime value of your customer.
  • Whatever how many different ways you get your customer, and no matter how you bring in the leads, your leads bottleneck would be closers. So where do you find enough closers?
  • In order to expand a business, we need closer to close our own program or products.
  • Most of the businessman have difficulty to manage salespeople and closer, they should prepare closer before even scale. So then when you are in the position to rammed up your marketing you’re good to go.
  • A businessman should look into two aspects, the one is FULFILLMENT and the other is LEAD FLOW.
  • You have to make sure your infrastructure is ready, which the fulfilment is done and that’s okay and you can scale out.
  • Find closers when you don’t need them.
  • You cannot find salesperson people on a salary base, but you should do it on commission base. The hungry people will chase the commission and hardworking to close the sales.
  • So to scale a business you need to have a lot of salespeople, a good high quality closer.
  • In order to get high ticket closer, you need to have talked with them, ask them about their philosophy, let’s say ‘are you kind of Wolf of Wall Street or are you an entrepreneur?’
  • You don’t want the salesperson to ruin your business reputation or brands.
  • If you got a funnel, you’ve got a quality product service and that’s high ticket and if you’ve got high-quality closers, that’s it! You are talking about scaling business!

Scaling Business needs this triangle:

Scalable Offer + Consistent Lead Flow + Closers That Can Close

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